9 best wired & wireless gamepads for PC that you need to know

9 best wired & wireless gamepads for PC that you need to know

9 best wired & wireless gamepads for PC that you need to know

Initially mysterious device, gamepads have later become the continuation of our hands on the way to a console and not a distinct gadget. But firstly personal computer and video game console were walking their separate ways that did not even overlap. The long-awaited meeting has recently taken place. Games for various consoles and personal computer become the same. Of course, the format is different but the game itself is the same.

This is the moment the Golden Age of gamepads starts with. And don't call me, like, a boy. I know that they were attached to the computer long ago but it is now the dawn of this industry. Today a miracle is going to happen right in front of your eyes. Or it isn't.

We'll hover over today's market, consider the leaders' positions, learn how to choose the right gamepad and, without any doubts, do our bit in the long discussion: Does a computer need it?

Traditionally, let's firstly understand how the exposed is organized, go over its basic characteristics. In the beginning, we highlight that a gamepad by definition differs from other computer accessories and iron.

While any other device can be designed for office, work, games, gamepad is designed only for gaming. It is impossible to make a poor shot and buy a model unsuitable for games. You can choose a good or bad, expensive or cheap gamepad. Let’s get started.


Cross-platform capability is quite a considerable aspect. While buying a gamepad for good money one expects it to function with any platform. It is not as simple as that. Firstly, even the operation system will not always suit. It is so, as sad as it sounds, but one will have to knock down their beloved old Windows and install its up-to-date version, at least the 7th one.

Problems may occur with drivers installation. All the best to Linux-lovers, but these guys got used to misfortune of life and will find a solution somewehere on the Web.

And finally, slot type. Of course, typical slot for PC is USB. But having bought an expensive gamepad, we nurture the hope that it will function with our console and even kettle. This is what is called cross-platform capability – the capability to connect with any device, preferably on the fly.

Wire or wireless – it is very difficult to give recommendations concerning this point, so I'm going to explain the difference to you and let you choose on your own.

The major positive points while using a wire unit is that gamepad is as light as possible and there are no limits of the play time. If you buy a wireless version, then you can play in any position and everywhere at home (what is essential is that the signal should be accessible). And if you are punished in a bicker, you always can clear your name by saying that it is the battery that has run down. This happens not fairly unfrequently.

Number of buttons – don't feast your eyes on models with buttons all the way around. How would you carry them in your hands? But minimalism is of no use as well. The number of buttons of choice is 10. If not all of them are needed, a pair of those remaining won’t bother you and when you need more, then there is a native-mode keyboard. Odd buttons at hand in tensioned arcade fights are of no use.

Analog sticks are those placed a bit lower than the buttons and are rotated with fingers. Groovy doodah. It is silly to buy a gamepad without them. I'd say it in other words but kids might be reading us. If you are going to play various simulators, full-immersion will occur only by using analog sticks. Generally, this kind of upgrade is missing only buy the cheapest. Don't have an itching palm, and if you don't have enough money – save it and buy a normal model later on.

Feedback – vibroback or simply punishment. It was you to lay open, and it is Sub-Zero to be knocked down. That’s unfair! Take that. You have crashed into a lamp post. Take that! You’ve been wounded in a shooter? Take that! The function allows to feel to the fullest what’s happening at the most accessible level of our time. Did it give an electric shock – it would be worth its weight in gold.

Establishment – to choose purely your gamepad, you must take it in your hands. It is to be very comfortable. Some have big palms, others – small palms. Some are butterfingered, others are not so butterfingered. Only having felt that it is comfortable, pleasant, doesn’t slip out, crack and creak, you can say for sure: this one is suitable.